Integrate a Notification Center in your SaaS app – today!

Notify your users right into your SaaS console, and any other channel.


Plug & play widget

Integrate a notification bell "a la Facebook" right into your SaaS.

Cross-channel notifications

Email, SMS, in-app, Slack, webhook...

Templating engine

Don't bother your developers anymore, you can update your notifications templates online.

Integrations & API

Connect your notifications channels in a click & start sending notifications with one line of code & the API.

For Customer Success

Boost engagement & retention by delivering important transactionnal notifications to your users wherever they are.

Don't bother your developers anymore, you can update the notifications templates & translations directly from Notifuse.

For Developers

Don't waste your time reinventing the wheel while you can integrate a state-of-the-art Notification Center today!

Having troubles with the API & documentation? We are here to help!

Give control back to your users

Let them choose how they want to receive your notifications

widget settings

Incredible features

Best in class UX
Drive engagement & retention with an easy-to-use & customizable widget.
Translate your templates in any language.
Send general announcements to all your users with a click. Coming soon
99+ Stacking
Increment a counter instead of spamming similar notifiations.
Powerful templating engine
Use layouts and templating markup (twig/jinja2 syntax) to customize your templates.
Scheduled notifications
Optimize your opening rate by sending your notifications at a specific time. Coming soon
Integrated with the best
TwilioSlackMailgunSendgridPostmarkAmazon SESMailjet