The notification API

that makes your app a better place!
1. Connect your channels

Connect all your notification channels:
email, SMS, iOS, Android, Slack, webhooks…

Mailgun Twilio Slack iOS push Android push Sendgrid AWS SES Twitter Plivo Mailjet Postmark Webhooks Firebase
2. Create your templates in Notifuse

Use layouts and templating markup (twig/jinja2 syntax) to create your notifications templates.

Hi {{firstName}},

You have {{comments|length}} new comments:

{% for comment in comments %}
- {{comment.content|truncate(30)}}
{% endfor %}
3. Send your notifications

Send your notifications with 1 line of code or directly from your dashboard.

Curl Node PHP Ruby Python Java

curl -X POST \
  -H 'Authorization: Bearer ${API_KEY}' \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  -d '{"messages": [{
        "notification": "welcome",
        "channel": "postmark-myproject",
        "template": "english-v1",
        "templateData": {
          "_verificationToken": "xxxxxx"
        "contact": "123"
      }]}' \

var notifuse = require('notifuse')(API_KEY);

    notification: "welcome",
    channel: "postmark-myproject",
    template: "english-v1",
    templateData: {
      _verificationToken: "xxxxxx"
    contact: "123"
], function(error, response){


$notifuse = new Notifuse($API_KEY);

$response = $notifuse->messages->send(array(
    'notification' => 'welcome',
    'channel' => 'postmark-myproject',
    'template' => 'english-v1',
    'templateData' => array(
      _verificationToken => 'xxxxxx'
    'contact' => '123'

coming soon :)
We save your ass with
i18n & A/B routing

Create as many templates as you need for each notifications and channels (i18n..).

Test them with our A/B dispatcher.
Rich contacts profiles

Store JSON data in your contact profiles: numbers, booleans, dates & time zone...

Your templates automatically have access to the data.

View their messages history.

  "firstName": "Justin",
  "lastName": "Bieber",
  "signupAt": "2039-01-08T12:15:07.082Z",
  "isVerified": true,
  "tags": ["music", "pop"]
Smart campaigns

Send newsletters or automatic campaigns to the most relevant segments of your contacts, at the right time, in their own timezone.

You don't need an expensive Mailchimp anymore!
Scheduled messages

Just provide the delivery date & timezone, and Notifuse will do the hard work for you!