About us

Back in 2014, Pierre was working on a private social network called Timebreak (which has been avorted since). Like every B2C apps, Timebreak needed viral growth to take off, and mostly based on email notifications.

Every email notifications had to be customized, A/B tested and sent at the right time in the recipient's time zone.

Pierre initially created a simple version of Notifuse for Timebreak, but it became so useful in every web project that he decided to make it a real product.

Because a good product needs happy customers, Tom accepted to join Notifuse to take care of you guys.

Pierre Bazoge
Pierre Bazoge
Co-founder & CEO
The tech guy behind Notifuse, Pierre is a serial entrepreneur who likes to build things that solve problems he encounters in life. Passionated about well designed and quality products, he also loves working with true and smart people.
Tom Guillemin
Tom Guillemin
Co-founder & Customer Success
The guy behind Customer Happiness and Growth. Graduated in engineering and entrepreneurship, Tom previously leaded business development & customer support in a fintech startup. Passionated about social sciences, he also brings a fresh growth hacking mindset.
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